Harmless Islam???

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My Take: Is Judas in heaven or hell? God only knows

Hi Muneef,

I have read all the above suras in my German Koran and got somewhat shaken and shocked again how the Koran rejects the divine sonship of Jesus Christ. Besides, I have read an old sermon of the German prophet Dr. Martin Luther. I am aware that we do not live in the same time like Luther, and it is not possible to transfer a sermon of Luther 1:1 into our time. However, I am a little concerned about the strong rejection of Christianity by the Koran or Islam. I would not feel secure in an Islamic state. There is a big problem: an Islamic state may be friendly to a Christian state at the moment but by the influence of the Koran every Islamic state can become a roaring lion any moment. The Koran is a “little” ambivalent (a proof that it cannot be a Holy Scripture) about the handling of Christians by Islamic Societies. By some suras the Christians are appreciated and by some other suras the Christian are condemned. You will agree with me that every reasonable man makes a worst case calculation considering any issue containing a risk.

What about sura 9, 30?: “And the Jews say: ‘Uzair is the son of Allah.’ And the Nazarenes say: ‘The Messiah is the Son of Allah’. This is the word of their mouth. They talk like unbelievers. ALLAH SHOULD KILL THEM! How ignorant they are!”

Isn’t it fun? Muhammad wants Allah to kill Christians (Nazarenes). “What a highly lovable man Muhammad is.”

Nevertheless, I want to keep on loving my Moslem neighbours, workmates etc. Concerning Islamic States and Islamic teachers (Imams): I will be wary of them, and think nobody will blame me for that.

Be commended to the triune God,


Addition from February 23, 2018

Meanwhile, I have realized that we should be somewhat reserved when we have to deal with Muslims no matter if it is an ordinary Muslim or a Muslim leader. Every Muslim deserves very harsh criticism. This has nothing to do with hateful fanaticism on our side. Yet, we cannot ignore that the Muslims honour a man, Mohammad, who was an outspoken criminal. The Muslims put themselves a bit outside the civilized world because they honour a man as divine prophet who was a criminal, who was evil, who has shed plenty of innocent blood. This is violation of reason who tells us that an evil criminal can never be a prophet of the good God. Muhammad had actually deserved that his remembrance is whipped out from the memory of mankind. We must let them feel that we cannot fully accept them because their ongoing abnormal behaviour cannot be tolerated. In fact, the Muslims worship the devil by honouring Mohammad.

Of course, if a Muslim is ready to swallow our harsh criticism, then he can proceed and pursue the purpose of becoming a believer in Christ.

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3 Responses to Harmless Islam???

  1. Conway Todhunter says:

    In my limited knowledge of Islam, it is my understanding that their tradition regards Jews and Christians as fellow “people of the Book”, but also claim that Jews and Christians are in error because we follow a corrupted version of the “Book” and the only true and uncorrupted book of faith is the Koran. I have never believed this claim but I see proof in the Koran’s own words that the Koran is the one that is corrupt. If Sura 9:30 really says “And the Jews say: ‘Uzair is the son of Allah’”, then that is very revealing as anyone who knows the slightest bit about Judaism knows that Jews never claimed the prophet Ezra – or any prophet – to be the son of God or the Messiah, unless done so by heretical Jews in extra-biblical writings – in any case it is not found in the Judeo-Christian scriptures – only in the scriptures of Islam.


    • Dear Conway,

      first I want to share with you the happyness of the American people that Osama bin Laden has been killed by brave US-soldiers. I don’t dare to imagine what had happened, if bin Laden had won the fight and the the US-Soldiers had been catched by the Islamists. I think they had totured them infinitely. All my praise and appreciation to the US-soldiers, put at risk their life for a free world.

      The sura, you cited, is the sole sura, I know by heart. Recently I have read once the whole Koran, in order to get a sober and objective judgement about the Islam. Especially about sura 9:30, I got shocked. Bevore I read the Koran, I knew already that the Islam denys the Trinity and the divine sonship of Jesus Christ. I did not really know that the Koran can be interpreted as an instruction to kill Jews and Christians: In my German edition of the Koran, I have got, is even written in this sura that Muhammad wishes that Allah kills (Allah should swat them)  the Jews and the Christians (Nazarenes).

      After I have read the Koran, I must say: “A wicked book!”

      However I want to continue to love my Turkish workmates and neighbours (I am surrounded by Moslems in the midst of Munich/Germany. Isn’t it fun???).

      Wish you well, Rainer

      • Conway Todhunter says:

        We too are relieved that the death of bin laden brings to a close but one chapter, although we do not celebrate his death. It makes me glad to know that you will continue to love your Muslim neighbors and coworkers and I have no trouble believing that there are many around you because my wife and I visited Munich briefly when we were in Germany in 2005. We were struck by the number of Arabs and Turks in the city – also many Africans and Asians. For all of the Christians who may read these posts, Christ calls us to a love that goes above and beyond what is commonly found in the world. Matthew 5:43-48. D.B rightly points out that the key word on this passage is not “agapao” – it is “perissos”.

        Kind regards,

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