Islamic conquests

“Byzantium and the Early Islamic Conquests” is a book written by Prof. Dr. Walter Kaegi (University of Chicago).

Kaegi tries to solve the following brain-teaser: when Muhammad’s army in Arabia became strong, emperor Heraclius (he was emperor of Byzantium) did not make sufficient efforts to face the Muslim threat. What was the reason for that?

Introduction: Muhammad and the emperor Heraclius were contemporaries. Muhammad was about to establish the Islam in Arabia (today Saudi-Arabia), which did not belong to the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) but was located at the south-eastern edge of Byzantium. Byzantium was a Christian empire (Heraclius even participated in Church councils). Palastine, Syria and Egypt belonged to Byzantium for a long time, and the population was Christian. Up to 634, Byzantine Palestine and Syria were Christian countries!

At the time of Muhammad and Heraclius there were two superpowers on earth: Byzantium and Persia. Between Byzantium and Persia was continual war. Finally, Byzantium won the last decisive war in 628 a. D. By that war Byzantium got quite exhausted.

Muhammad started to preach and to kill in Arabia around 613 a. D..

622 Muhammad started a civil war in Arabia, which finally led to his rule over nearly the whole Arabia in 631.

Heraclius had become emperor in 610. For many years (up to 628), he was busy with the hard war against Persia. In the year 631 he knew of Muhammad for perhaps 9 years (since 622 when Muhammad started civil war in Arabia). According to Kaegi, the Bishop of Jerusalem, Sophronius, said in 634 that the Arabs came “unexpected” (637 the Arabs finally captured Jerusalem after a long siege). Being aware of the weakness of Byzantium and the acute threat by Muslim-Arabs – why didn’t Heraclius warn the citizens of Syria and Palestine against the Muslims?

Hypothesis: Heraclius and his generals were in a situation similar to our todays situation: someone who has no exact knowledge of the Islam or Koran could think, “oh, that’s just a harmless theistic faith; isn’t it similar to Christianity? They even acknowledge Jesus as prophet.”

It is really possible that Heraclius and his generals totally underestimated the Muslim threat. Maybe they had recognized that Muhammad built up a strong army in Arabia, but they could not imagine to be assaulted by a folk believing in God.

Conclusion: It is high time for us to understand what the Islam really is. Islam is not harmless theism but pure anti-Christianity. Muhammad had a clear will to exterminate Jews and Christians. In Muhammad’s eyes, Abraham was the first faithful Muslim and Jews and Christians are Muslims having turned apostate. Muhammad wanted to lead back the mankind to the genuine belief of Abraham, which was the Islam in Muhammad’s eyes – this, we must understand.

Islam wants to rule the world. That is its declared aim.

By the way, there are some suras telling Muslims must keep treaties. Of course, that is a mean trick of Muhammad. Naive readers of the Koran shall get the impression that Muslims are promise-keepers or faithful people like Christians. Muhammad wants to fool us. We shall get the impression that Muslims would be true believers.

Maybe Muhammad had concluded a peace treaty with Heraclius and Heraclius thus feared no danger and did not inform his people about any Muslim threat. That was a mistake. The Muslims overrun Syria and Palestine and slaughtered with devotion.

Let us recognize that the whole Umma (Islamic community) is a criminal gang just using the Koran for refurbishing its image. The Umma is a big wolf in sheep’s clothing. Believe me, they are just evil warriors!

Islamic warfare: gain confidence of the naive Christians; then behead them. Gaining confidence again; behead them again. Finally, the whole world will be Muslim.

If a Muslim army would assault a Christian country, it should rain nukes on the Muslim army!

Satanic hosts must be exterminated.

Correction from February 14, 2018:

I suppose that the whole Islamic problem today is a satanic show. Historically seen, the Islam was brought down long ago by the modern European nations who defeated the caliphate or sultanate. Finally, the Muslim people were split into independent nations like the Europeans. They needed strongmen as rulers because a Muslim is actually a wild beast not able to voluntarily lead a civilized life; a Muslim always needs force and the whip. Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Gaddafi, etc. where perfect leaders for such a people because wolves can only be led by wolves. I guess the US knew that. They knew that certain Muslim states would collapse if they would remove their strongmen from power and try to introduce true democracy. The calculus of the US was to weaken the Islamic world by the disaster following the attempts to introduce democracy, and to weaken Europe through the multitudes of refugees or asylum-seekers caused by the collapse of the Muslim states. Through the birth deficit European politicians are very tempted to welcome the wild beasts called Muslims because they urgently need contributors to pension scheme – it is all a mess. However, Muslims will seriously affect European culture, and of course this will be a harsh cultural decline for Europe.

One thing is important: we should not assume that there is any independent Muslim power similar to the old caliphate. The Islamic world is under control of the US and her allies. The whole Dschihadist show we face today is staged by the US and her allies.

Briefly: The problem for the ordinary European or American is not the Islamic threat but the so-called beast (term of the Bible) which is the community of all godless states under the leadership of the USA. They want to implement a totally materialistic systems where the faith in God and his Son is extinguished. They only use the Muslims to pursue their purposes. We enter a state of crisis where it is no longer allowed to really believe in Jesus Christ on the basis of the evidence of the Bible – this is apocalyptical.

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