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there are at least two enemies of the mankind: Muhammad and the pope. Seemingly, John Paul II was a very loveable man. Nevertheless kindness is not all about the character of a man. It is an experience of daily life that especially people having bad intentions can be very polite. The German Christian Prophet Dr. Martin Luther has sad nobody is more lamentable (unfortunate) than someone who has become pope or cardinal. These offices are so corrupt that nobody can hold them without getting totally foul. Recently, I have read in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), which is an official document of doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). The CCC is somewhat more dangerous than the Koran because it’s antichristian character is more hidden. Some details you can read on my blog, if you speak German. One of the details is that it is still necessary for a Roman Catholic believer to believe in the pope beside Jesus Christ to get saved. By the way, the CCC was approved by John Paul II and worked out by Benedikt XVI. Muhammad claims there is no Son of God. The pope claims: “I am God’s Son”. He says it very hidden, but he says it. I have proved it on my blog mentioned above. The Early Church did not know papacy. There were just local bishops. Still Gregory the Great (bishop of Rome) rejected papacy. The papacy is not founded on the Holy Scripture. First, about 600 years after Christ, papacy was invented by wicked people, and the Church of Rome began to spoil. Let us return to a simple, straight faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God. Christ came down from heaven, was born by the Virgin Mary and called Jesus from Nazareth, the carpenters son. Christianity is the foundation of a free world. Christianity is the religion of progress, life, liberty. May God the Father open up our eyes that we will realize the enemies of a free world. Up to the Reformation of Martin Luther there was no public school system in Germany. During the Reformation the Protestants turned backward Catholic monasteries in cost-free schools for all German children. The current German Evangelical Church is very weak (unfortunately). A good example of a lively Protestant Church was the Confessing Church, which existed during the Second World War and fighted against the Nazi-State and the Nazi-Church. One of the leaders of the Confessing Church was Dietrich Bonhoeffer (a highly gifted theologian), who has a memorial at Westminster Abbey, where the royal wedding took place.

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Addition from February 23, 2018

The most dangerous enemy of the mankind today is the conglomeration of godless states under the informal leadership of the USA which is called “beast” in the Revelation. The pope is the informal leader of the conglomeration of all religious communities on earth which have turned apostate from the true faith save the true Christian Church; this conglomeration is also called a “beast” in the Revelation. The secular beast and the religious beast collaborate. The two beasts more and more establish a general religion of pure materialism on earth because the only purpose they pursue is maximum tax revenue. Total sexual and religious tolerance is necessary for maximum productivity of the working people. People shall cooperate perfectly at the workplace despite their traditional religious and sexual distinctions. Nobody shall be allowed to act according to the tenets of his traditional religion – that would be harmful for the peace at the workplace. The secular beast commands the religious beast to preach sexual and religious tolerance (they don’t preach tolerance for the benefit of the people but for the sake of their own material profit). The religion which is preached everywhere today is a kind of enlightened Christianity which has, of course, nothing to do with genuine Christianity according to the evidence of the Bible. Go to the mosque, go to the church, go to the synagogue – you will hear nearly the same message everywhere only with some different colouring. Our modern idolatry is extreme materialism which suffocates all other life, especially spiritual life.

Mohammad and the old popes were forerunners of the Antichrist. The religions they established were or are antichristian. Yet, neither Mohammad nor any pope was the Antichrist himself. Today, the Antichrist gradually becomes revealed. He only uses Islam, Catholicism and any other religion save the true Christian Church as tools or instruments to pursue his purposes. I am nearly convinced that Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist and that he will seize power again. Obama will become head of the beast again.

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