Sermon on the Mount 2

Matthew 5, 6

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:
for they shall be filled.

Once, Jesus warned his disciples about wolves in sheep’s clothing. Today, it may be allowed to call wolves in sheep’s clothing the  pope and his cardinals, the heading of the EKD (German Evangelical Church) and the leaders of re-baptizing Free Churches. All this people presume to own a righteousness as their sure possession. They believe God would give them a status (label) of righteousness which does not depend on their behaviour. They live in sins any pagan or atheist hardly would do, but they think themselves to be righteous solely because of their confession. They reckon on that God would be gracious to them, but they don’t want to share this grace with their fellow human beings.

A true disciple of Jesus (born of water and of the Spirit) will think  of himself as a sinner and feel it in his heart. His fellow human beings may say about him that he is as meek as a lamb, but he himself will have a permanent longing to be set free from his bad character. Although he knows that he is set free from all depravity (body of sin), that means that the sin is dethroned, he has to fight against the inclination of his body to sin everyday. Day by day he has to remember that he is set free for a new life by Holy Baptism (everybody daily remembering his Holy Baptism will surely overcome sin because God has put him on the road of victory).

The Christian has a daily longing for a word of salvation of his Redeemer. Day by day, the Christian must remember that he has died and resurrected together with Jesus Christ and that this was dedicated to him at Holy Baptism.

Daily, the Christian hungers and thirsts for the righteousness of God, which is given him from above. The Christian does good works which are daily given to him by God. The Christian has no own fame and will call himself a sinner who just daily receives grace by God to live a better life. We live in the works which God has prepared before.

Of course, the disciples yearn for that the whole earth will be renewed at last. The world is ruled by evil powers, and the Christian has to fight daily not to be sweeped away by the stream of depravity. The media are contaminated with porn and glorification of violence. They promote the consumption binge, deny the Christian faith, promote the loss of reality of the viewers, etc. In the world of business one cheats the other one and the primacy of profit is in force. Safety regulations just have a secundary meaning. The people consume all the way to the top but people in need are hardly perceived. The Christian is in persistent danger to be infected by the bad behaviour of the world and to  get tired or exhausted by the permanent struggle; thus, he asks God to take over the rule of the world and to build up an eternal righteousness.

Hunger and thirst shall be satisfied or quenched. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst now because they will be satisfied in the future.

Jesus doesn’t want us to get fade away  on a perhaps too long way, and thus he strengthens us by his body and blood at the Lord’s Supper. Jesus gave his body and blood once for us on the cross. At every celebration of the Lord’s Supper the death and resurrection of the Lord is recalled again. Christ is not sacrificed again at every Lord’s Supper, but by the sacramental recalling of Christ’s onetime atonement the faith of the Christian is strengthened.  This remembrance is not solely a matter of reason, but the man in his entirety remembers the atonement of Christ. The Lord’s Supper is holistic. The whole man is nurtered and strengthened by the body and blood of Jesus Christ at the sacrament.

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