The spiritual dilemma

In daily life, we seldom encounter people which really behave Christianly.

However, if we would ask them about their faith, they would tell us that they are Christians.

Isn’t there an inconsistence? Wouldn’t we expect that a Christian behaves Christianly?

What is the reason why the confession of faith often doesn’t fit together with the behaviour of a person?

Most people are either members of the mainline churches (Protestant and Catholic) or of rebaptizing Free Churches. It is still the minority which belongs to a non-Christian faith or has abandoned any belief in supernatural things.

Let us focus on the people which are either members of mainline churches or of re-baptizing Free Churches.

The group which belongs to the mainline churches can be divided in Catholics and mainline Protestants.

Now, what is the reason why neiter members of the mainline churches nor members of rebaptizing Free Churches behave really Christianly?

Let us assume that the membership in a true Christian Church would cause true Christian behaviour. At the same time we could assume that a distorted church would not lead here members to good behaviour.

Indeed, there is something wrong with all the churches which we regard as true Christian Churches, and thus their members have a lack of good behaviour.

First, the mainline churches; what about them?

The mainline churches are distinguished by the sacramental baptism, which they keep (it is good that they keep the sacramental baptism, and sacramental baptism is good in itself).

Whereby, there is a restriction: The Roman Catholic Church keeps the sacramental baptism, but is nevertheless no Christian Church, which could mediate any health because the pope has displaced Jesus from his office as head of the Church. The Holy Spirit has left the Roman Catholic Church for a long time, and it is only the husk of a church with no spiritual power. Hence, their members will scarcely experience any deliverance and will sacarcely get perceived as Christians in daily life.

The sacramental baptism includes infant baptism. According to the doctrine of the Holy Bible and the Early Church, the doctrine of sacramental baptism or infant baptism is valid and correct. However, the members of the mainline churches often are not better than Babbitts. What is the reason?

The mainline Protestant churches (as we have expeled the Roman Catholic Church, let us focus on the mainline Protestant churches) don’t tell the people anything about the meaning of sacramental baptism. They conceal that sacramental baptism is a divine call. By sacramental baptism we are called to follow Jesus, or to say it in other words, “we are baptized into a new life or into Jesus.” After sacramental baptism, we are able to follow Jesus and shall follow Jesus. Regretably, the mainline churches tell the people that work and family would be all about Christianity. True Christianity doesn’t mean only work and care for the family but also active love for disadvantaged people. This love is independent from social status, nationality, belief, colour, etc.

We need a Reformation of the mainline churches like Anglican Church, Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Church, Methodist Church, Episcopal Church, etc. so that they may preach the gospel of the costly grace again, which means active love. Baptism is a divine call for discipleship.

The mainline Protestant Churches are actually the true Christian Church regarding their confessional documents, which fit together with the doctrine of the Early Church and the Bible. It is only that they have adopted the heresy of the cheap grace: being a Babbitt is all about Christianity. When the mainline Protestant Churches would abandon the cheap grace and adopt the costly grace again, their members would behave really Christian in daily life.

As we have yet expeled the Roman Catholic Church, we also expel the rebaptizing Free Churches. They don’t belong to the worldwide Christian Church because they don’t keep the one, holy, sacramental baptism, which is according to the doctrine of the Early Church and the Bible. They may tell a lot and fervently about discipleship, yet it is all meaningless because they have not yet realized the entry door to a Christian life which is sacramental baptism. The rebaptizing Free Churches regard baptism as a mere symbolic act or as an act of obedience: after conversion someone shall confess his personal faith publically. This doctrine has nothing to do with the true doctrine about baptism, and hence the rebaptism gives no releasing power to the person to be baptized. Thus, members of rebaptizing Free Churches have no power to follow Jesus even if they have a strong will. The strongest will is too weak to overcome the demonical power of the original sin, which dwells in us or our body.

The good and holy Sacramental Baptism

Mostly, Sacramental Baptism goes along with infant baptism. Usually, churches which practice infant baptism acknowledge Sacramental Baptism.

First, how is it possible that infants can be baptized? The reason simply is that faith doesn’t depend on the reason of the infant but on the impact of the Holy Spirit. An infant may even believe easier because he or she is not yet able to scrutinize like an adult with his or her reason.

That gives us the bridge to the subject in general.

One may have heard the gospel: Jesus has borne our sins when he died for us on the cross.

We may be able to grasp the gospel to a certain extent. Worst case, we could even err, and assume (by our fallen reason) that after Christ’s  sacrifice we could sin more because the more we sin, the more grace we will get (that would be according to our damned reason).

It is, of course, necessary that we get the gospel rightly. It is, of course, impossible that the gospel could cause that we start to sin more. Of course, the gospel shall cause that we sin less. In order to mediate this to us, God has “invented” Sacramental Baptism. At Sacramental Baptism our faith gets strengthened and confirmed by God himself.

Sacramental Baptism is a physical homily and the locus in space and time where we get fully connected with Christ’s sacrifice. Your whole man gets involved: body, soul and heart. The heavenly preacher is God himself. He brings the gospel near to you in a way which cannot be described by human words or a human homily. At Sacramental Baptism all barriers of space and time disappear, and you die and resurrect together with Jesus. At Sacramental Baptism you make a real physical experience which goes beyond understanding of any human homily. At Sacramental Baptism, the sin in you gets dethroned, and you receive the Holy Spirit or a new life, or, in other words, you get baptized into Jesus. You get born from above. Baptism is the Holy Fountain and a supernatural process of recreation. God acts during Baptism, and makes you a new creature.

After Baptism, you are fully empowered to follow Jesus, and there is no more need to doubt the personal faith. You have been at Calvary in a real sense. Just follow Jesus right now. Do the first step and believe. If you have yet received infant baptism, don’t get baptized again but refer to your infant baptism.

The lousy rebaptism

What is rebaptism? Free Churches which rebaptize have not understood at all the true doctrine of baptism. They assume baptism would be a mere symbolic act. After someone has become a believer, he shall confess his faith publically as an act of obedience. Furthermore, they reject infant baptism because they assume infants could not believe.

Rebaptism is a crime.

God has given us the Sacramental Baptism in order to strengthen and confirm the small faith which we can produce by nature. The rebaptizing churches should tell the people to refer to there infant baptism, but instead they tell the people that faith would completely depend on true conversion and repentence, and baptism would be a mere symbolic act after someone has yet become a believer. Hence, people which have received infant baptism and get baptized again by a Free Church, get totally dispensed from their first baptism, which was the right and only one, and could give them health if they would refer to it.

Of course, it is a misery that the mainline churches baptize and tell the people nothing about discipleship. However, Sacramental Baptism is good in itself even if the mainline churches have a false handling of it. Hence, people should not be rebaptized but be told that they should refer to their first baptism and regard it as a divine call to follow Jesus. After that they should just follow Jesus.

Conclusion: forget the re-baptizing Free Churches. Strictly speaking, they are cults. Members of mainline churches should realize the meaning of infant baptism and start to follow Jesus in daily life in the releasing power of Christ’s sacrifice, which was dedicated to them at infant baptism.  Practice active love to your neighbour.

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