Death of bin Laden

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my name is Rainer; I live in Munich Gemany. I envy the people of the USA because they still have a national consciousness. I hope I am allowed to share the happyness of the American people about the death of the bastard bin Laden. Yes, he was a bastard (see correction, below). The German chancellor Angela Merkel was pretty criticized for her statement: “We are glad about the death of Osama bin Laden (she didn’t call him bastard)”. It seems to be a widespread disease of us (German people) not to be able to understand that it is righteous to kill a tyrant (evil ruler). Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a devote Christian, had been ready to shoot Adolf Hitler. Regretably, Bonhoeffer had no opportunity to do it. There are some evil people in Germany wanting to convey the impression that there was a discrepancy between Bonhoeffer’s discipleship and his willingness to kill Hitler. I claim Bonhoeffer’s will to kill Hitler was even part of his Christian discipleship and did not contradict his discipleship. It was even according to the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5,10: Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness. Bonhoeffer wanted to kill Hitler among other things because Hitler kept on killing the Jews and kept on destroying the German Christian Church (Confessing Church).  Bonhoeffer has got a memorial at Westminster Abbey. It seems the Church of England has realized the noble character of Bonhoeffer much more than his own people.

I appreciate the brave US-soldiers having killed bin Laden; putting at risk their own lifes. It was righteous what they have done. They have increased safety for the whole mankind – what a great service.

However, we should be aware that not every enemy can be eliminated by military means. Basically, every state needs the protection of the almighty God. The religion the triune God has prescribed is Christianity. No other religion has such a high standard like Christianity. You can say Christianity is invented by God, but all other religions are invented by human beings.

Let us return to the religion of our ancestors which was Christianity and enjoy God’s preservation.


Correction from February 23, 2018

I would no longer call Osama bin Laden a bastard because I have realized meanwhile that only God has the right to scold somebody. Once, an angel had an argument with the devil about the body of Moses and did not dare to scold him but said that the Lord should scold him (see Jude 9) – may the Lord scold Osama bin Laden; he will certainly do it at Judgement Day.


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