Pope Gregory VII

A lot of People may still know that the popes had more influence than today in the Middle Ages or dark age (this age lasted from 1076 to 1742 a. D. if you take the pope’s supremacy as indicator for darkness). However, they had not merely more influence than today, but they were the highest secular rulers and ecclesiastical rulers at the same time; this was an enormous concentration of power. The first pope who really presumed to  be pope-emperor or superemperor was Pope Gregory VII (1020-1085 a. D.). Below you can read some paragraphs of the  document Dictatus Papae“, which was probably drafted by him.

Pope Gregory VII was one of the first men mixing politics with religion. Like Muhammad he filled the world with blood (he spilled innocent blood) in order to increase his earthly power, honour and riches. Muhammad and the pope used religion as smoke screen for their malice:

Document Dictatus Papae” (by Pope Gregory VII, the Antichrist):


8. That the pope alone may use the imperial insignia.

9. That of the pope alone all princes shall kiss the feet!!!

10. That his name alone shall be spoken in the churches.

11. That this is the only name in the world.

12. That it may be permitted to him to depose emperors.

19. That he himself may be judged by no one.

That is without limit: These papal laws are still valid! It’s only that the today secular powers are too strong at the moment, and the pope cannot behave like he wishes to behave. I hope the US will recover economically; otherwise, the papal monster will seize rule again.

Joke: “I believe in God, the Pope, the Allmighty!”

Note: I guess that long-term the papacy and Islam will increasingly get displaced by the Beast (a community of godless states ruled by the Arch-Blasphemer). That is what we can observe today (states and their populations become more and more profane or secular), and moreover it is predicted in the book of Revelation of the Bible that finally the whole world will worship the Arch-Blasphemer (the head of the Beast) or the Wicked.

Correction from February 8, 2018:

I have undergone an evolution, since I have drafted the article above: I would no longer wish that the USA would recover economically because I am convinced that the USA is the leading nation of the so-called Beast. I guess that Barack Hussein Obama will seize power again, and some time after that Jesus Christ will return and kill Barack Obama, the pope (they will be directly thrown into the Lake of Fire) and all other godless people.

Furthermore, I believe now that papacy and Islam will endure until Judgement Day. It is only that the Roman-Catholic clergy and the Muslim clerics will have to teach what the Beast (leader  and head: Barack Obama) will command them to teach (they will never be allowed to teach their genuine doctrine); the modified doctrines will mainly stress the following points: total religious and sexual tolerance. In the Book of Revelation all religious communities of the last days together are also called a Beast, and this second Beast cooperates with the first Beast, which consists of nations. The leader of the second Beast is the pope.


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