Holy Spirit and Baptism

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My Faith: A reluctant churchgoer ‘gets the Holy Ghost’

Dear Mr. Blake,

you made an extraordinary experience, but I have a question:

A lot of ordinary people (Jesus loves particularly ordinary people) don’t make experiences like you. Will they never be saved?

I agree with you it is extremly important to get the Holy Spirit. A Christian life is not possible without the Holy Spirit. However, I am convinced the triune God has prescriped an easier way to get the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is given near-tearms to Holy Baptism (this statement is according to the doctrine of the famous theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer and of course according to the Holy Scripture). Reading Epistle to the Romans, Chapter 6 you could see what happens during Baptism.

When someone approaches Jesus Christ (recognizing Him as Son of God) and expects to be set free by Him, he or she can be baptized. The Baptism is not a magic-mechanical act, but nevertheless God acts during Baptism and creates a new man.

Do you know “The Chronicles of Narnia; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”? The basic idea of Narnia is that children enter the beloved land of King Aslan and get converted to Aslan (in our world Aslan is Jesus) over there. One of the children was called Eustace and he was somewhat a bad boy allways trying to spite other people. Nobody in our world could help him to become a good guy. Once upon a time, Aslan called him to Narnia where he was bewitched into a dragon in order to show him the state of his soul. For a certain time he had to suffer, but, thank God, Aslan had a plan for him, and the bewitching was just the first step on a good way Eustace had to go. Aslan led the dragon to a most beautiful fountain. When he entered the water, layer by layer of his ugly skin droped down and after a while Eustac had reconverted to a nice boy. When he met the other children having entered Narnia together with him they realized that Eustac had experienced a big change, not solely outside but even inside. That was it. Aslan had cured Eustac by Holy Baptism. Before Baptism, the only thing Eustac could do was it to believe the words of Aslan that the fountain will provide health by His (Aslan’s) power.

If you feel pain about your sins, dear reader, come to Aslan’s fountain and get delivered. He loves you so much.

If you have yet received infant baptism, just refer back to it and don’t get baptized again. Just believe right now and follow Jesus.

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