Ecumenical Christianity?

Ecumenical Christianity?

This article is more related to the heading of the two big German Churches than  to a single church member. I think there are a lot of ordinary church members being noteable and having a longing for a new faithful leadership of their Church.

What would be the result when someone adds the shit of two bulls?

He would get a bullshit of double the size.

What would be the result when the EKD (German Evangelical Church) and the RCC  (Roman Catholic Church) would be joined together?

A very big home for many bad ghosts.

What we need today, is a new Reformation both of the EKD and the RCC, but we don’t need Ecumenical Christianity.

When the pope really is the head of the Christian Church, why doesn’t he then admonish the heading of the EKD, which is heretical. This would be his most urgent task as head of the Church. Never in history of the Christian Church gays were ordained pastors, but the EKD does it. According to the Holy Scripture, yet an ordinary church member must be excommunicated when he or she is practicing homosexuality and doesn’t want to repent. Isn’t it mad to ordain gays pastors when yet ordinary gay church members mustn’t be tolerated? Further, the boss of the EKD, Mr. Schneider, denies the virgin birth. This is an epochal faux pas in the history of the Church too. Together with the virgin birth Schneider calls into question the protestant doctrine of justification. When, like Schneider states, Jesus was produced by sexual intercourse of Mary and Joseph, that means when Jesus was just a very ordinary man, he never would have been able to bear our sins on the cross. Solely the eternal Son of God, who came into Mary’s womb by a miracle of the Holy Spirit, could bear the sin of the whole world. Beginning from his existence in the womb of his mother Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ, the incarnated Son of God.

When the pope would be a true Christian bishop, he would bring about a heavy thunderstorm about the EKD. But the pope is neither a Christian bishop nore a Christian but a politician who is greedy for power, riches and honour. At the moment, because of any strategic reasons, he doestn’t criticize the EKD for her heresy. But even an ordinary Christian is not allowed to keep silent about the wrong deeds and doctrines of the EKD. Pope, you will be damned!

When the boss of the EKD is a true leader of the Church, why doesn’t he admonish the pope to abolish the papacy at last. The first 600 years of the Church after Christ, until the Roman bishop Gregory the Great was elected, there was no papacy on earth, and still Gregory strictly rejected papacy. The first 6 centuries the RCC was a real Christian Church. First after Gregory the Great, the RCC came under the rule of the popes which totally ruined her.

The papacy cannot be reasoned by Holy Scripture at all. On the contrary, the Holy Scripture damns the papacy. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the rock of the Church. At the Bible passage Matth. 16: 18, the Father speaks through Jesus and says that Jesus Christ is the rock of the Church. St. Peter was inclined to overestimate his natural abilities, and God had to give him a small note about the true pastor of the sheeps: Jesus Christ.

It is an incredible presumption of the pope when he claims he would be higher than all bishops on earth and would be their head. In the first centuries of the Church there were solely local bishops and no hierarchy. Although the Early Church had no visible head, the local congregations felt connected with each other, and they considered themselves together as the one worldwide Church, and there were a lot of international meetings.

The local bishops had no visible head but just the invisible head Jesus Christ. The local congregations elected their bishops with assistance of their neighbouring congregations. Nobody had accepted a bishop sent by the pope.

Further, the pope doesn’t solely try to steel Christ’s office as leading pastor but even his office as Saviour of the sinners. Every Catholic Eucharist is effective only on the condition that the Eucharist is celebrated by a priest who is connected with the pope by the hierarchy and the sacrament of consecration. Consequently, forgiveness of sins depends on the pope in the RCC. Further, the RCC believes that Christ is offered again and again at every Eucharist in form of the host. By the way, this leads to the complete perversion of the gospel because when Christ is offered every Sunday again, I can sin again every week. The true Supper of the Lord shall cause that I don’t sin more but less. The Lord’s Supper shall strengthen my faith and shall not weaken it.

Assumed, the EKD boss would be a Christian, then he would admonish the pope to abolish the papacy at last und the some thousand heretical doctrines of the RCC. Mr. Schneider, you will get lost when you keep silent.

To sum it up: We need a new Reformation but no Ecumenical Christianity.

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